High Hair & Jalapeños!

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This rip-snorting review is busting more than broncos! High Hair is back and aiming to shoot the Lone Star right out of the sky! Watch as we puncture the egos, parody the stars, and make merry with all the weird and wonderful customs and habits that make Texas a great state of mind!

A zany musical revue that captures the tall tales and the high hair of infamous and famous Texans. Nothing is sacred in this satirically funny, fast-paced romp through Texas trivia and folklore with a special focus on San Antonio. From tongue-burning jalapeños to high, high Texas hair, (including our governor’s) you’ll laugh yourself all the way to the border--Oklahoma or Mexico--take your pick.
This is the show’s official site, so sit back a spell and take a gander at photos, videos and more!

In 2011, many of the original cast members were back including Michael J Gonzalez, Jillian Cox and Matt Goodson—plus new to the show are actors Becky King and Josh Harris and nine new songs: “The Ballad of Ruby,” “Brother, Would I Steer You Wrong?,” “It Happened at Fiesta,” “Touchdown,” “Hardtime and Hard Labor,” “Whatta We Get,” “Bigger’s Always Better,” B-B-B-Barbara” and “Lay off the Tacos,”— a tribute to the reigning Miss San Antonio who almost lost her crown because her beauty pageant warden thought a Size 2 was too tight.